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Why Almost Everything You've Learned About Quora Is Wrong And What You Should Know

దస్త్రం:Quora logo 2015.svg - వికీపీడియా Quora is one of the five sites with daily updates that I subscribe to. There are many other sites where you can ask a random question and get a response, especially if you have a specific question and online results are vague leaving you with more questions than answers. To obtain question similarity between the topics, we first generate the tf-idf vectors for the questions for both the topics. Filters: As a first filter, we remove all those topics which had less than 20 questions in them. The social question and answer community may not be as popular, but it’s easy to use and provides answers to questions spanning everything from health, education, science, and technology among others. The platform applies a casual and fun style so you can get to know people better, but you can still use it to find answers to more serious issues. You can add images to your question to make it stand out. Created by Conjecture Corporation, Snippets is a question and answer website built with the goal to allow you to create and share useful and straightforward content. Oh, the internet. A place you can kill time by watching an endless number of funny cat videos all day, buy virtually anything you want with just a click, or even create a website to call your own. Content has  been g᠎ener ated ​by GSA Content Gen erat or D᠎emov er si᠎on​!

You can add photos to your questions to make them more compelling, including videos and GIFs. If you make it past the written exam and interview, you'll be sent to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Georgia, for a 10-week training program, which focuses on investigation techniques and criminal law. The general section has strict guidelines and focuses on giving you the answers you need while the social section has relaxed guidelines meaning people can express opinions and flex their humorous side. However, you can also hover the cursor over other users’ names and view a summary of their activity on Snippets in a popup bubble. Another way top writers have grown their view counts in a short amount of time is to target topics appearing in Quora’s trending topics section. Not only will your writing improve significantly but each answer acts as a form of promotion for your previous ones - reader will view one answer, and if they like it, they’ll check out others you’ve written. When writing an answer, tag other writers who have answered the question before you. In Table 8, we report the human evaluation results for each of the three classes separately (Question 1). We observe that humans performed decently with majority voting accuracy of 0.75 for identification of merge classes. Art᠎ic​le has been c​re ated  by  GS A Cont ent ​Ge᠎nera᠎tor ᠎DEMO!

This question and answer site is ideal for pro and enthusiast programmers and they’re allowed to upvote or downvote just as with Quora, or edit questions and answers like a wiki. Is there a question-and-answer site called cora? I'd rather leave the content there. However, it may look and seem a bit complex to use, but once you get the hang of it, it’s an addictive place to hang out with other Redditors and enjoy an array of content. We’re trying to remove this menial, cyclic checking process such that you get rapid, tested solutions instead of suggestions that may or may not work. Since a large portion of Quora’s user base is from the Indian subcontinent (38.5% according to Alexa), you can get a lot of views when they are just waking up or going to bed. It’s a knowledge sharing and collaboration management platform where small, agile, or large teams and dispersed teams in enterprises can ask questions and get answers from peers or others more qualified than themselves. These little-known companies may not be as well known as Google or Facebook, but they can still provide a great place to work and will likely offer you more responsibility than an internship at a big company.

You could check with a family member, friend, colleague, or someone you think may know the solution. Fluther’s motto is “tap the collective ”, so you can refer questions to others who may have answers as you would on Quora. We can clearly observe that ‘Topic A’ has lesser number of answers as compared to ‘Topic B’. However, it’s more socially skewed compared to Quora, which is more generalized around different topics. You don’t need an account to ask or answer a community question like you would on Quora, but it’s recommended for a personalized experience. When somebody responds to a question you posted, you will get an email notification of their action. A job section is included to help programmers find new opportunities, while employers get tools to brand their businesses, advertise job openings, and find qualified, suitable job candidates who are open to being contacted. Just as you can search for your own brand, you can also search for your competitors and see what they’re doing to market themselves, as well as learn how customers are talking about them. Accurately as you can.

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