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Who Is Quora?

Quora · GitHub Quora follows an algorithm that decides the sequence in which the answers are displayed. Luckily there are a lot of tools you can use to immediately surface hundreds of Quora questions in your niche that are receiving traffic from Google. Other tools like ahref will work as well. This is not an exact science and unluckily it requires some manual work and a bit of luck. For XGB, we set the learning rate as 0.1, booster as gbtree and use 100 boosted trees to fit. The secondary targeting section of the ad set creation interface allows you, the advertiser, to adjust the scope of your efforts. Then that you’ll user questions for your targeting. Then click “Bulk Add”. Click create a new campaign. We’re not really creating a campaign. Booomm here are the questions you care about. You can insert the title of a specific question if you are researching a specific one you’d like to answer. How in the world could you think of the above question? Open your door to the world of Quora marketing with the Q-Stats Quora Marketing Tool. If you want to find out the answer to a specific question that isn't already posted, Quora can help by publishing your question for thousands of users all over the world to answer.

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From here you can export in excel and start clicking in the “URL” column to find the question that is ranking for that specific keyword. Most of the questions here are successfully answered (93% as of this writing), which is a telltale sign of how reliable the site is. Apart from writing about all things technology, he is a Photoshop junkie and a football enthusiast. The key to success here is identifying questions that already have interest but not a huge amount of answers yet. This is by far the most critical step for success. Just give it a name and a budget and proceed to the next step. However these few stats won’t give you the full picture. However, this method will also give you outdated questions which no one is interested in. You’ll only want questions with a meaningful amount of traffic. Then write the topic you want to analyse. Want to quickly find high traffic questions you could answer. Next I sort the results by volume to get the questions ranking for keywords with a high volume of searches and where Quora is ranking well.

Well, for sure Quora already has a lot of questions ranking high for the keywords you care about. It’s quite simple. What I usually do is filter by position to only get questions that are ranking in the top 10 positions in Google. Now these are meaningful stats! Now let’s craft the perfect answer! Let’s check it out. So let’s get started and analyze the 4 methods I use to find the best questions worth answering on Quora to drive traffic to my website! And where you can find way more detailed stata on the views a question is receiving. Pick a question that is too niche or has been asked hundreds of times before and you won’t get any eyeball as well. Pick a question that is too popular. In the second step, pick topics instead of questions as your Targeting type. Number of (i) context topic edits, (ii) question text edits, (iii) question detail edits, (iv) times new topics have been added to the question, (v) times existing topics have been removed from the question, (vi) times topics added by users other than the asker, (vii) topic edits done by the Quora review team, and (viii) other kinds of edits done by the Quora review team.

Plus a list of many other questions on relevant topics. Neil Patel suggests that you bypass questions that already have more than 10 answers - yours is unlikely to stand out. Both websites have similar functionality. Extensive experiments have been performed. Models used for anomaly detection: We use standard anomaly detection methods such as One-Class SVM (OCSVM), Isolation Forest (IF), Local Outlier Factor (LOF), Elliptic Envelope (EE) for our experiments. I personally use SemRush. As you can see in the picture above, in SemRush you can filter by keywords. You can either do it yourself or you can use a keywords generator tool like SEMRush or Ahrefs. Or you can insert a bunch of keywords (one per line) if you’re in discovery mode. A company that has built goodwill with the public is one that is naturally trusted and recommended without a second thought. But that most interesting component of Quora’s second tier of targeting is its exclusion function. You can read more of his story here. Another key draw is that Quora pages, unlike an Instagram story or a Facebook event, have a longer shelf life and can offer relevant information that doesn’t grow stale with time.

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