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Seven Things You Have In Common With Quora

quora login - How To Delete You might have accessed Quora via Facebook or Google. Internet giants Facebook and Google have already suffered breaches and leaks this year. Mitchell, Justin. "Making Photo Tagging Easier." The Facebook Blog. Choose a profile photo in which you look presentable but approachable. Ahfaz Ahmed suggests you look for recent questions which are already being followed by at least 500 people. Quora is a question-and-answer website where users submit questions that will be answered, edited and then organized by the rest of the site’s community of users. It will ask you for your password in order to confirm the deletion. Meanwhile, if you login during the next 14 days, the account will be reactivated and deletion will be cancelled. Doing so will keep you ahead in the game of Facebook fun and keep you safer, too. We're saying nothing. What happens to Ned Stark at the end of "Game of Thrones?" I dunno. If you’re a Gmail user, this is what you need to do to stop Quora emails from infiltrating your inbox: 1. Log in to your Gmail account and open any Quora email. There are plenty of Q&A based sites - you just need to find one or more that suit your needs.

Which of these sites do you like the most? An API like they’re suggesting would be ripe for abuse. Learn the ins and outs of every subreddit and contribute content people of the subreddit like to see. Google tends to rank web pages that users expect to see. I often click on the daily emails to see the top questions. Quora is a super useful social network that can help you find the answer to a bunch of questions in just a matter of seconds. Best of all, Teachers can also apply for a free account at Brilliant here. Update : It seems that with all this spare time free of Quora, I've decided to become a YouTuber. This feature helps in filtering the answers. QApop helps you run a successful marketing campaign on Quora. The most fundamental element of marketing a business online is to get the word out about it. Learn about anything from User Interface Design to Facebook Marketing - Coursera has a wide variety of available courses for the lifelong learner. Quora has become the latest firm to suffer a massive breach of user data. If you are really concerned and want the account to be deleted before the 14 day deactivation period, Quora advises users to get in touch with the firm via its contact form.

In order to delete your account quickly, go to the account privacy settings and select "Delete Account". The intrusion, discovered on November 30, includes up to 100 million users’ names, email addresses, IP addresses, user IDs, encrypted passwords, user account settings, personalization data, public actions and content such as questions, answers, comments, blog posts and upvotes. Forgotten about it. But this is the scary thing: some might have a Quora account that they don’t know about. As cyber-attacks continue to hit firms that hold huge amounts of data, you also have to be careful about who you trust. Fluther’s motto is “tap the collective ”, so you can refer questions to others who may have answers as you would on Quora. People from around the world visit Quora to ask questions from a community of people who answer them. It also gives you an opportunity to hire people anywhere in the world. This w​as g​ener᠎ated ᠎by ᠎GS​A Cont​en᠎t Genera tor DEMO !

Quora's own export (due to the GDPR) gives you more information (about drafts and comments and upvotes and shares etc.) but the output format is pretty terrible if you want to reuse your content. However, there is a system within the site that gives points to those who answer questions, allowing them to ask more of their own questions. That'll grant you access to already answered questions related to those topics. Former Googler Matt Cutts, who used to head the spam-fighting team at Google and now works for the United States Digital Service, is a member of Quora and has answered questions related to his new field in government service. Some may say that questions on it are trivial, but it is understandable. Answers are arranged by the number of upvotes, so the more upvotes, the more visibility, and the more potential benefit for your Fiverr freelance profile. Figure 5d shows the distribution of the number of answers in ‘Topic A’ and ‘Topic B’.

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