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Quora And Reddit: Powerhouses For SEO And Marketing In 2022

Quora There are many ways you can find questions to answer at Quora. Bulleted answers can help your reader quickly scan through various points of your answer. You may also include links at the start or middle of the answer but do so in a way that your reader feels you are trying to help them by providing the link rather than promoting your blog to them. It also helps you win the trust of your reader. Make sure at least add one of your social accounts to Quora to instill trust among your readers. After all, most of us blog to help our readers with the problems they wrestle with, and a Q&A format is the purest expression of helping people with their problems. You must make sure, that your answer should be helpful to the questioner and other readers. While it may be exciting to answer the most popular questions, you must also check the number of answers already posted along with the quality of the top-ranked answers. The number of views a question gets is another thing you must check while answering a question. 500 views only Before your quora question makes you money it must reach at least 500 views and a couple of answers, so that way people view it.

File:Quora icon.svg - Wikipedia Also, as you can see, 275 people were viewing the question at the time I took the screenshot which indicates its popularity. As you can see in the screenshot above, just one particular answer got whopping 42.4k views. You have to manually search each and every question to find the one you would want to answer which can be really time-consuming so I personally avoid such questions. This is because, at Quora, some popular questions can get way too many answers. Table 1 shows some examples of questions. For the trending answers, Quora shows additional information about the number of views the question has received in the past day. Moreover, your question may be downvoted. By linking to your best article, you ensure that your visitor likes your content and may even consider subscribing to your newsletter. However, if you are serious about converting your Quora visitors to regular readers, the first thing you must do is to make a list of your best articles that you feel are really worth linking to. Expert replies are deemed more valuable by the Quora algorithm, which in turn increases the chance that your answers will get into the feed and won’t be collapsed. Da​ta was cre​ated wi th the ​he᠎lp  of GSA  C​on te nt Generator DEMO.

How to avoid collapsed answers? You can also increase the value of your answers with images and links, as Derek Wasiuk points out. You can choose entirely different topics for your feed section or may add the same topics as in the knows about section. Try to write a helpful answer and include a link to your blog at the end saying “If you liked my answer, you may also find my XYZ article to be useful” or ” For more detailed and elaborate insights you can check XYZ article at my blog”. Check the question 'What can I learn/know right now in 10 minutes that will be useful for the rest of my life? So let us find out how to shortlist questions with the potential to drive traffic from the rest. You may further want to shortlist these questions for answering, which we will discuss later. They straightaway lookout for questions on Quora and answer it with a link to any random article on their blog, which they find to be relevant to the question. It is worth exploring these, or you may find yourself flooded with notifications in your inbox! To find these, go to your profile image and click the stats link.

This method is suitable for people who find many things online. It is especially a boon for new bloggers who struggle to get organic traffic to their blogs. The answers are more thought out, and you see fewer bloggers desperately filling the daily quota. Images, as most bloggers know, can draw the attention of users. Quora can be the first step in building that kind of word of mouth popularity. When you click the link, you will be taken to an email settings page, where you can toggle the messages and notifications you get from Quora with a simple click. Honest answers can get you more upvotes. Upvotes than answers with longer paragraphs. At Quora, longer answers which cover most topics are usually ranked higher. Longer paragraphs may get boring when you have lots of possible answers to read. Answers posted onto the platform. If Quora continues to innovate on this front (and offer more robust targeting, because we could always use more robust targeting) its ad platform will quickly become a staple for online marketers. But this does seem like a good time to remind you of all the other reasons why you should never, ever use Quora. I personally use this feature very rarely.

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