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If You Don't Quora Now, You'll Hate Yourself Later

According to Quora their blog is great for writers who don't have an audience. But as I re-read them, admiring my own rhetoric and insight, I also saw so many seeds that could have grown into something much bigger. For me, early morning answers work much better than afternoon ones, for instance. Quora allows individuals or businesses to sponsor any of their answers to achieve better distribution. The purpose: aggregate the different answers into one impartial, factual, and comprehensive version. At the time of writing, Spaces is still in beta, and you must be invited to create one. Spaces are Quora’s answer to subreddits and Facebook Groups. You can search for relevant spaces here. They can serve as a training. Also, as you can see, 275 people were viewing the question at the time I took the screenshot which indicates its popularity. Characterization of the questions based on question quality requires expert human interventions often judging if a question would remain open based on factors like if it is subjective, controversial, open-ended, vague/imprecise, ill-formed, off-topic, ambiguous, uninteresting etc. Collecting judgment data for thousands of question posts is a very expensive process.

7 Hal Mengapa Saya Bergabung di Quora - Untold Contemplation This art​ic᠎le was ​done ᠎wi​th GSA Content  Genera tor  DEMO.

Trained analysts gather data and look for patterns in credit card theft, identity theft, money laundering and other crimes. Many fields including data science, robotics, businesses and many more use it in their day-to-day activities. So use Facebook's Tag Suggestions feature to ease your tagging workload, but be sure to keep your guard up. Photo tagging is a great way to identify folks in images. Finally, Reddit is a great alternative to Quora because it has millions of active daily users. Writing a valuable Quora answer comes down to great copywriting skills. The goal is to make it valuable. Always make sure you check existing answers first to find out what people are looking for. Here are some more tips I couldn’t squeeze in the other categories. However, for certain categories there seems to a slight decrease in the accuracy values and we present an in-depth discussion analyzing the cause for the same pointing out potential ways for improvement. In broad categories like life advice, Quorans enjoy personal stories as opposed to direct, actionable advice. On the surface, you may assume Quorans are looking for a list of examples. All the sites on this list are free to use. If you’re interested in other copywriting formulas, here’s an exceptional list.

Fortunately, copywriting formulas exist. If you can provide an unexpected or unconventional answer, you will likely get plenty of upvotes and views. By default, Quora shows a preview of the first 200 characters of your answer, together with an image. My friend Dean Yeong, Head of Content at Sumo, answered 1-3 questions a day in the first six months to gain traction. There is no “hack” that says “write XYZ sentence” or “write in ABC format” to gain traction. If not, don’t squeeze your mention in there. There is no “magical” way to teach you how to write a good answer. In fact, one good way to come up with questions is to put yourself in your customers' shoes and think about what they might ask. Work your way backward (the first episode is worth the wait). If you want people to click “More,” you’ll have to make both the image and the first sentence count.

If you’re playing in those pits, you’ll have to learn how to tell a good story. What’s more, with so many active users, chances are that more of them will chime in, so you’ll get a more complete answer than you would on Quora. This detection of duplicates helps in deduplication, a process in which duplicates are removed. Dialogue helps to immerse your readers in the story. This is a storytelling technique that means “open in the midst of the plot.” By starting your story in the middle (the “conflict”), you keep your readers engaged, as they try to deduce what happened earlier, and predict what will happen next. That way, you can send more readers back to the “hub,” and they might follow the link back to your site. It can be a useful resource for helping students analyze. Having said that, from my experience I can say that people avoid reading very long answers especially if they are not formatted well and written in a single paragraph.

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