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However, This Is Rarely The Case

You'll immediately be connected with contacts already on Quora. To disconnect your Quora account from Google, you need to go to the Quora settings page, navigate to the Account section, and click the Disconnect option to the right of the Google account you want to disconnect. To do so, from the Account drop-down menu, click Privacy Settings, click Customize Settings. 7. Optimize your privacy settings. The app has detailed notification settings - which controls how many emails you will get. When somebody responds to a question you posted, you will get an email notification of their action. Have you used any of them to ask a question you were interested in? Compared to other programming languages, python programs have fewer lines which are easier to understand. Everyone who wants to learn about programming should check it out. Get ready to take advantage of the resources that two-third of marketers and SEO specialists miss out on. Keep reading to learn about five of the best Quora alternatives out there. As far as we can tell, there is no way for sites to selectively programmatically remove content from the archive and so this is the only way for us to protect writers. This content w as creat​ed ​by G SA C​on tent᠎ Generator  DEMO!

¿Cuál es el primer texto literario que se conoce, de qué ... But many questions have been asked and answered already, so we can judge how well the service is doing so far. Of course, you can ask stuff not related to programming as well. Youssef: For many people, struggling for hours to solve a problem you care about can hurt you more than help you because you end up developing negative associations with the project or with programming in general if you aren’t making progress. StackExchange is a great place to look for programming related questions and answers. Answers is a great place to ask away. Instead of getting vague answers from any platform, Fluther ensures you get them from a real person. What’s more, with so many active users, chances are that more of them will chime in, so you’ll get a more complete answer than you would on Quora. The answers get rated, and the user who asked the question can choose the best answer. If you are into coding or programming, StackOverflow and/or StackExchange are your best bet. Here you can get replies from experts in those fields, so you can’t go wrong with posting on StackExchange.

What’s more, they also have very beneficial options for business owners, such as posting job ads and gaining direct access to talented employees. The other main job of Secret Service agents is to combat counterfeiting and money fraud. When a company can get people so enthusiastic about their business that a friend tells another friend, “Go to this business, they’ll take care of you,” that’s practically a license to make money. Remember that most of the answers you can get here are Wikipedia-like, i.e. not from experts, so take them with a grain of salt. Here are some sites which are as good as Quora, if not even better. Many of the topics here are thought-provoking or even shocking. Answers or even Quora. This means that you will get your answers sooner. This is a small step that will make a huge difference. Step 1: Open your computer. Golden locked padlock on gray computer laptop black keyboard.

However, there is a system within the site that gives points to those who answer questions, allowing them to ask more of their own questions. There is an Ask Reddit subreddit (which is what Reddit’s themed forums are called), where you ask and get an answer to absolutely anything. You will notice there are many unanswered questions on Quora, as well as outdated or badly written solutions. Not everyone will find their way around it. Its aim is to become the best place to find answers to a particular answer. Overall, it is a good place for quick questions and answers without too much thought put into either. Answers.The atmosphere in the Quora community is quite dry - this is not as irreverent and funny a place as Twitter. The community is friendly and experienced, and you can get very good answers to some very specific questions. This is just a general subforum for answers, while there are many others which are more specific. There are no restrictions in terms of question topics. There are many sites like Quora you may find more useful or visually appealing.

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