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How To Find Quora Online

What are the shortest and deep meaningful quotes? - Quora In almost all such cases, users (or Quora moderators) manually merge the topic pair into one of the either topics, thus selecting one of the competing conventions. First, the content of the questions tied to the competing topics and the distance of the topics themselves in the Quora topic ontology together serve as strong indicators of whether the topic pairs are competing and would merge in future. Second, the winning topic among the competing pair is best determined by factors like number of characters/words in the topic name, date of creation of the topic and the number of questions/answers tied to the topic. This means that whatever question is posted with the new duplicate topic name, it would most likely miss the actual topic audience. The crawling of the questions follow a BFS pattern through the related question links. As of April 2017, 13 million questions (?) have been posted on Quora. 5.4∼ 5.4 million questions which is a significant proportion of all the Quora questions and to the best of our knowledge, is the largest Quora question base.

On May 14 of the year 1998, 76 million people were passing the time doing something that now seems as arcane as cheering gladiators at the Coliseum: They were all watching TV at the exact same time. You may also be called upon to travel at a moment's notice. May 4, 2012 (Sept. If you use Tag Suggestions, your tagging job is even easier. Meanwhile, when people add questions, they tag these with relevant topics so that the question can be channeled to answerers who have relevant expertise, as well as to those who want to learn more about the matter. When the president travels, for example, every hotel employee who will somehow be in contact with the presidential entourage is subjected to a background check. People who are permanently protected, like the president and first lady, have "details," or groups of agents who are assigned to them. In fact, other music pros like philosopher Alain de Botton think Bach offered a sort of spiritual conduit to people of his generation and beyond. And it's a time when people imbibed brewed concoctions out of necessity as much as enjoyment, right? To expedite this task, Facebook begins guess what you're typing, which makes tagging go much more quickly. Post w as g en᠎erated with t​he  he​lp  of GSA C᠎on te​nt Gen​erat᠎or DEMO​!

Only on Facebook, this isn't so much a game as it is a part-time job. Photo tagging is a major reason that Facebook pictures are so popular. Photo tagging is a great way to identify folks in images. Color blocking is all the rage these days, but there's a right way and a wrong way to do it. The downvote button is not labeled, but it is the one pointing straight down on the right. Hard to say. What we do know is that upon the 1960 release of "Psycho," Alfred Hitchcock pleaded with viewers not to give away the ending since it was the only one he had. They won't necessarily travel to visit these remains, but they might stop to give the remains some attention if they spot them during their regular routine. Whether his appointment changes the culture, improves morale and addresses other issues remains to be seen.S. Over this same 100-plus years, other changes have occurred inside the agency. As topics are not predefined, there can exist multiple topics which correspond to the same concept. Is there any point in watching the remaining episodes? Restricting the computation of the features to the observation period only ensures that there is strictly no scope for data leakage.

But it's safe to say that this capability is similar to those in other consumer programs, such as Windows Live Photo Gallery, iPhoto, and Picasa, all of which have handy facial recognition features. Marum, Anna. "13 ways Secret Service agents keep the president safe when he travels." The Oregonian. When the Secret Service was started in 1865, counterfeiting was a major concern. But then President William McKinley was assassinated in 1901, and Congress formally requested that the Secret Service protect all presidents. Blakemore, Erin. "No Counterfeits: The History of the Secret Service." Time. Hence, President Abraham Lincoln's creation of the Secret Service to ferret out the criminals. To help quash the problem, President Abraham Lincoln created the Secret Service as a division of the U.S. If the president likes to jog, as former President Bill Clinton did, an agent runs along with him. One should note that if a topic gets merged into another topic, all the questions of the former (source) topic change their tags to the latter (destination) one, so we would not be able to get the questions of the two distinct topics that were being merged.

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