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14 Days To A Better Quora

What are the shortest and deep meaningful quotes? - Quora Quora accept answers from any of its users. Contrast that with Q&A competitors Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange, which offers an API, a wealth of user-made tools and support community for it, a powerful Data Explorer for querying and exporting data, a liberal crawling policy, and doesn’t attempt to hide questions and answers behind authentication. Non-merge: In order to build a strong competitive negative set to contrast the behavior of the actual merge cases, we define the ‘non-merge’ class. Sometimes companies give away internships during hackathons, meetups, or conferences where developers get together to build cool stuff over a weekend. Part 2 - How to Build Trust, Authority, and Credibility as a Quora Contributor. He invested $20 million of his own money into Quora as part of their Series B round of financing. Is prime for solar power (more than twelve hours per day).6 million square miles and is prime for solar power (more than twelve hours per day). The 25% factor essentially means that a two hundred Watt panel only produces fifty Watts when averaged over twenty-four hours.

In this proposal, an average annual power density of one hundred and fifty-five Watts per square meter is assumed that compared to peak values of one thousand three hundred and fifty to one thousand three hundred and seventy Watts/m2 represents a mere 11% capacity factor. The power density can be as high as fourteen hundred Watts per square meter. The Great Saharan Desert in Africa is 3.6 million square miles. This area is 43,000 square miles. Now, if we cover an area of the Earth 335 kilometers by 335 kilometers with solar panels, even with moderate efficiencies achievable easily today, it will provide more than 17,4 TW power. Given twelve hour days at Sahara and current efficiencies of greater than 22% for solar panels, this average value is certainly achievable. The site proposed here as an example in African Sahara is on the Equator. That means 1.2% of the Sahara desert is sufficient to cover all of the energy needs of the world in solar energy. 2015 was 13,000 Million Ton Oil Equivalent (13,000 MTOE) - see World Energy Consumption & Stats. There is no future in other energy forms. There are very few if any cloudy days per year. This h as  be en cre ated  by G SA Con​tent Gener ator DEMO᠎!

On top of that, in these regions, a significant portion of the year has cloudy and rainy days further reducing net available power. This translates to 17.3 Terawatts continuous power during the year. Easier to imagine the cost is 1/4 of US national debt, and equal to 10% of world one year GDP. Could the world feasibly switch to all-nuclear power generation? So where the space is limited or like in space far from the sun, or in submarines nuclear power makes sense. In spite of my personal like for nuclear engineering, I have to admit it is hard to argue for it. Some vey good questions have been asked. If you’re playing in those pits, you’ll have to learn how to tell a good story. If so, would that be a good counter to global warming? Question: What is required to achieve the solar costs discussed in this proposal?

Safe playground-Major playground recommended by g Question: What required to achieve the solar capacity factors discussed in this proposal? Answer: You might have heard a capacity factor of 25% mentioned for solar panels. The common belief that many people have is that water will reduce the acidity of your stomach acid, which for all intents and purposes is not true. You cannot dilute your stomach acid in any physiologically meaningful way (e.g. HURT the digestive system)1 by drinking water during a meal. Almost every single physiological process in your body takes place in an aqueous, relatively neutral environment, so saying that drinking normal amounts of water during a meal will help / hurt digestion is nonsensical. In the equatorisk region (latitude around zero) the sun shines near normal. Major cities in United States are around thirty-seven North Latitude and Europe is even higher. 17.3 TW nuclear power will be fifty-two trillion dollars or ten times that of solar even if all the other issues with safety and uranium supply are resolved. By the way, note that the cost of a 1 GWe (Gigawatt electric) nuclear plant is about three billion dollars.

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